Saturday, November 18, 2017

2048 sissy version

Sissy game

Ready to play? 

New Game

This custom 2048 is just the thing you need to relax.

Imagine what could be the next image?
Probable a juicy dick don't you think?
There is only one way to know...

Make the best score sissy!

See you soon.

P.S)You can make your own 2048 version here if you want. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Task of the month n°24

Task of the month n°23 


I can't believe I did not give you this task already.


Go buy some girly underwear and wear it as much as possible this month.


Your goal is to get used to wearing panties. To feel the soft touch of feminine lingerie against your clitty.

Don't be afraid, girls do it everyday.

If you already doing this, I want you to wear panties in places you've never done before.

See you soon! 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sissy friendship

Sissy friendship 

Hello girls!

In  this post, we're going to see how to make you stay in your place with females.
I know you have some time urges, especially when you see a hot woman.

You instinctively look at her cleavage.
It's just your ego speaking.
Men imagine her as a potential sexual partner almost instantly.
This kind of thinking puts you in a male-female relationship.
But we don't want that sweety!

It's something you must change.
You're not a man.
And you must change your behavior drastically
You must see her as a potential friend.
Just like a girl would do.


You must have a natural admiration for women.
Your place is to support woman no matter what.


A good way to do this is to stop imagining women as a potential sexual partner.

Kinda Frustrating?
Well, it must become natural for you.

There is nothing for you to see down her neck.
Keep looking at her face sissy.
Imagine her background 
What she studies ?
Her favorite meal?
Where she went for  holiday?

Imagine her as a person.
The goal is to develop empathy
To make you see girls from a different perspective.

This way, you can start to really see her as your friend.
And you exclude yourself from the manhood behavior.

Do it again darling.

How did you do ?

I bet you were less focused on your frustration this time, right?

That's good.
You're learning your place 

For the next picture you're going to have a line or two.
You're only allowed to look at her face.
No sexual stimuli for you sissy!
Read the story carefully and take some time to think about it.
We want emotions.
We need you to feel bonded in a friendship way to the girl. 

 Anna just got accepted into one of the most prestigious universities of the country.
Imagine how you could compliment her...

Alice is going to do some shopping and she wants you to come with her...

Jessica needs to talk to you about her new boyfriends!
She even speaks about how big his cock is.

Irene used to do porn to pay her student loan.
She told you everything about the porn industry.
She noticed you were intrigued by the pay.

One day she says
"Gay porn is paying well to you know"
Did that make you blush or giggle? 

This is important for you to dismiss your masculine thought. 
To see yourself as something else.
Inferior to men and women.

Your ego must be lowered as much as possible sissy.
You're the Beta.

Too bad for you, but it's the truth sissy!
No pussy for you

Imagine how many men jerks off to her.
Think about it for few second.
Her sexuality makes men hard.
Big dicks getting harder at her picture.

 It could be frustrating, but you have a way to see this differently
Imagine big cocks.
We know you have something for cock right?
Plus, it's something you're allowed to do.

So why not do this ? 

Look at this monster cock.
Focus on it few seconds...
Good girl! 

One more time...

You're doing great now.
Imagine if she was your coworker.
She always tells you about her last tinder-fuck.

No cock on this pics.
It's ok.
Just imagine how hard men get for her.

Messing with your mind is the point of this training.
And you're still scrolling.
What a good sissy!

Not for you sissy!

This is a nice big cock don't you think?

Or maybe this one?
Imagine she's your best friends.
She's gonna tells you all the details about her last night.
You're going to love it.

I hope you enjoy this little training.
Feel free to do this again from time to time.

See you soon!