Sunday, March 19, 2017

Her body...

Hey darling

In this post you're going to learn how to properly fantasize about being a woman.

You see sissy, when you see a girl like her
You wonder how great it would feel to be her.
 To have her face
 her tits
 her beauty
Her sexiness

You dream to be her.

Don't you sissy?

Let's continue with this model.

Her name is Summer Brielle.

She's a porn star, a famous one.
So many men love her curves.
She's sexy and she knows it.

For the first part of this exercise, 

I want you to imagine yourself in her body.

Do it conscientiously sissy. 

Imagine if you had the same body. 

Think about all details...

Your blond hair
Big breast pushed in your top
The way the men stare at you
You soft hand with polished fingernails

Take your time...

It's done?


Now let's go back to her.

 She's a powerful woman and she knows how to use her charms to get what she wants.

She knows how to control them.

She's the boss.

But you're not.
You're a beta sissy.

And that's why you can't just imagine being her.
You can crave her body.
But you will always be a sissy.

A submissive slut.

A worthless bimbo.

Do you understand the difference?

 You can't imagine yourself as her.
You can only imagine how you would be with her body.

How submissive.
How slutty.
How dirty.

I want you to imagine again if you had the same body.
But now, imagine how inferior you would be.

That's better.

Men look at you with envy
They want to fuck you
and somehow it makes you hornier

You love it!
Being the center of attention
 And with a body like yours, no wonder you're fucked all the time.

You tried to be something else that a bimbo
But you don't fool anyone.

In this body, you're just meat for alpha males.

What I'm going to tell is very important for you.

A body like this would make you weaker.

You would not have the will to be dominant.
It would only make you a bigger slut.
Because that's is the real you.
Deep inside you know it.

 You are craving for humiliation

Craving to be used 

That's the real you.

 Doing this kind of mental exercise is going to reshape your mind.
It makes new connections in your brain.
So you're associated this fantasy with submission.

The more you practice
the more effective it is.

You're slowly changing your brain patterns.
Hypnosis is not the only way to alter your mind.
There are many ways to fuck your brain.

 You're training yourself right now...

 Led by lust.

And it feels so good.

All this pleasure is used to turn you into a better sissy.

And you're doing all this by yourself.

Your brain feels so overloaded with pleasure that you can't think straight.

Don't you princess?

Imagine the taste of his cum.
But don't stop here.
Imagine how you ended sucking his dick.

Feel his hands on your hard nipples.


Next time you fantasize about being a girl.
 You will know what to think.

See you soon.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Task of the month n°17

Hello princess!

During a conversation with some friends or family, you will speak about the sissy fetish. You don't need to say you're a sissy. But you will tell them you heard about this "weird stuff". You must sound amused and disgusted. Wait for their reaction and see where it goes.

P.S) Bonus point for you if you manage to conclude something like

  Well, it's an harmless fetish. They can do whatever they want.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quiz n°4

Welcome back sissy!

In this post you're going to learn how to properly act with women.
Especially when you're in a social group.

Many sissies act like a sissy only when they are horny, alone and in front of her screen.

But you can't be a good sissy if you do it part time.

You need a full time commitment!

Of course you can't go out of the closet and scream you're a sissy.
But you can give a few hints.

Small hints.
But that add up to make a reputation.

The reputation of a not manly man...
a weak personality.

This way, you will slowly send a clear message of your position.

You're going to see few situations, imagine the best reaction to let hints about your true nature.

 Jessica is your boss's secretary. She never really notices you and spends all her times drinking hot beverages. Everyone in the office thinks she's fucking the boss.

  What will you do?

You defend her of course. First, she can fuck who she wants. Plus, she may have some influence on him, so you better respect her. You must appear a bit afraid of her.

 You had an appointment with Claire at 5 PM, but you came 15 minutes late. Your train was late.
She asks you why you're late.

What will you do?

Apologize again and again. Make sure she understands you're sorry and feel insecure. Say something like "I know your time is precious" or "I own you one". So she knows you're in debts with her.

 Melissa was promoted only a few months ago. But she showed a great leadership talent. You were the one who started up the Monday's meeting. But she clearly managed to put you aside. 

What will you do?

You let her do everything and praise her each time you can. Encourage her to continue in this way. As a sissy you're not in a position to say no to her.

You went to a fancy bar in town with friends. The waitress does not notice you and begins to serve clients that came after you.
Eventually, you command your drinks, but she brought you the wrong cocktail.

What will you do?

Of course you don't complain about the drink. You may say to your friend that's was not you command, but you like it anyway (don't sound too convincing). Eventually, don't forget to tip her generously!


 Your college Jane got promoted and is now earning more money than you. You work a lot, but your efforts are rarely noticed. Her, on the contrary, managed to promote herself all the time.

She invites you to lunch the day of her promotion.

What will you do?

Accept her offer and let her pay for the diner. Thank her more than necessary to make her feel generous. Say that she deserved that money and praise her skills at work.

 The interns are all girl this summer. Lucy is your intern,  she asked if she could leave earlier today, she wants to go shopping with her friends.

What will you do?

You say yes, because she's a hard worker and deserve a small break. Ask her what she wants to buy, using brand names and specific terms so she realizes you know a lot of things about woman clothing...

Anna is your friends for many years now. She asked if you could have a coffee with her. She just broke up with her recent boyfriend.

What will you do?

You invite her to take coffee and take care of her. You must be the "perfect friend zone guy". Explain she deserves better, she is a great person and you're proud to be her friends.


 Emma and Emily are employed in your clothes shop. They are the best sellers you ever had. However, they keep saying you're not running your shop well.

For this one, it's kinda tricky. You must argue with both of them and use weak arguments so they can disprove you. If you play well they will dominate the conversation and feel more assertive. That's when you recognize they may be right and let them do what they want.

 Your friend Chloe loves your new car. She asks if she can drive tonight?

What will you do?

You say yes of course sweetly. When she drives, make sure to compliment her driving skills. Gently complain about her speed, like if you were not used to go this fast.

You must always leave some hints of submissiveness. 
Nobody will notice at first, but be sure of the effectiveness of this technique.

You will feel so horny, knowing your willingly changing the way people see you. All this by yourself!

But it's in your nature sissy, so embrace it!

See you soon sweety!