Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sissy admiration

Sissy admiration

Hello girls!

It's not a secret that you watch a lot of porn.
Not only sissy porn, but various kinds of porn and fetishes.
You're kinda a porn expert now.

Most of you know the names of lots of pornstar, studio or web sites.
You are a huge consumer of porn material.
This gives you an experience of porn.

You know the codes and gimmicks of this industry.
With the previous image you already know the "scenario" of this clip.
But it's not only about the theme in porn.
It's also about the esthetic standard of the models


Young, sexy, busty, perfect skin, great body.
Porn models are selected and enhanced by surgery and filters.
The perfect mansion with luxury tastes where the scene is done.
You know this, but you don't pay much attention to it.
All theses little things that make a good porn.

Actresses are not the only one concerned. 
Male models are also chosen that way.
Huge dick, perfect abs big shoulders, perfectly shaved.
They are also choosen to represent masculinity.


 That's where your exercise begins sissy!
You're going to pay attention to the male model in porn.
I want you to consciously note every detail.
Why they choose him to play this scene.

Once you've done this, 
I want you to realize how masculine he is.
He represents the real alpha male.
You must admire him too.

He is the one who fucks the hot chick
You're witnessing him fucking hot babes
He makes her scream and cum.
Not you.

You must accept that.
Then, admire him and his body.
You must rewire your brain in order to feel admiration toward him.
You start to find him sexy too.

 A lot of sissy find cock erotic.
This is a good start for you.
You're clearly a cock loving sissy, but it's not enough.
But you're going to admire his whole body now.

You're doing a great job.

Your must rewire your brain to love the male body.
You're going to change the way your perceive guy.
Use the excitation of porn to mess with your mind.
You must associate the pleasure of porn with the admiration of masculinity. 

Take your time.
We need you to be aroused and cock hungry.
Then begin to admire his whole body.


Keep going.

Both models are chosen to be sexually attractive.
But we know who you really look at.
Good slut.

As you watch theses pictures, the male model becomes more and more interesting to you.
You're focusing on him.
You are working to fuck your mind.

If somebody saw you, they would think you're enjoying porn.
But it's not true.
You're training yourself to be a better sissy.

It takes time, of course, but you love it.
The way you make mental associations.
The way you become more a sissy.

You're doing a great job darling!

Learn to appreciate male models.
Get hornier.

That's perfect!

I bet you must be super horny right now.
All this porn is making you go deeper.
It wakes up your sissy self.

Keep touching yourself.

Too bad you can't see his huge dick, right? 

Keep going.

Good sissy.

She has almost ruined this picture, don't you think?

I hope you did your work sissy.
That's the only way to truly become a sissy.
And you need it...

This post is a good continuation if you want to keep fucking with your mind.

See you soon sweety!

Not sure if you noticed it...
There are no nude girls in this post.
If you did not realize it you can be proud of yourself.
If not, read this post again.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Excellent Sissy Works (update)

 Excellent Sissy Works (update)

Hello Gooners!

This post is an update about the goonclub.

This wonderful place has moved to discord.

You can find an invite here.

A good idea would be to ask if people comes from this blog.
It's a good way to meet other sissy like you.


See you soon slut! 

Task of the month n°25

sissy task n°25

Hello girls!

For this month, you're going to bring your addiction to sissy porn a bit further. 

I want you to watch sissy porn at work.
Be very discrete, you don't want your colleagues to discover your secret.

Take some time to fantasize about your fetish.
Let your mind wander and get horny.
The goal is to make you in sissy mode when you not at home. 

See you soon sissy!


P.S) Bonus point if you manage to stain your pant