Sunday, May 13, 2018

Task of the month n°28

Task of the month 

Hello sissy!

This month's task is not going to be easy.
We need to drop your ego darling.
To be a better sissy you need to have less self confidence.

And for this you're going to appear weak in public.

During a public conversation with another woman, where you both argue against each other you will start using weaker arguments.


You will use weak arguments, so that she dominates the conversation.

If you're doing your job well, it going to be difficult to argue again with the girl, but also all the people that watched you arguing so bad! 

Your goal is to change the way the other perceive you.
This task can be repeated as much as you want darling.

See you soon! 


P.S) Feel free to tell us in the comments how it happened.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Task of the month n°27

Sissy task n°27 

Hello sluts!
For this month I want you to spend a whole day masturbating.
I want you to stay home and edge to porn.
Become a mindless porn zombie

You're going to book a day off just for that.
Get some prepared meal.
Answer the phone only is necessary. 

Drift away from everything in an ocean of porn.

Let porn be in total control of you this day.
Not cumming, only edging.
Like a good slut.

Be a good girl, edge your mind away.
The goal is to push your limits and dedicate a whole day for your sissy dream

See you soon!

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Hello girls!
Another fun sissy tool for you :
This website can turn tumblr into a rapid-fire slideshow of sissy porn.

But this new version has many other features

You can add 
Audio from Youtube
Text from Hastebin
Zoom possibilities

Enjoy your favorite porn and fuck with your mind.

See you soon sweety!

P.S) Here an example with your favorite tumblr