Monday, May 22, 2017

Excellent Sissy works n°10

Hello darling!

I'm sure many of you already know the Clubgoon:
Clubgoon is an IRC chat with a bot who link porn on demand. 

This chat is a wonderful place to play with your clit online with other people.  

You can spend so many hours watching porn and mind fucking your sissy brain. There are always people ready to share porn or their fantasies.

You should definitely have a look around and spend time with your new friends. 


See you soon slut!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Task of the month n°19

Hello sissy!

Life is not fair get used to it.

And no one knows it better than you.
You wish you were a beautiful girl but you're not.
And there is nothing you can do against it.

You're a submissive beta bitch and you know it.
So you better embrace it sissy.

For this month, you're going to give an advantage to a male person you know.
Preferably someone very masculine and alpha.
It can be anything! 

Make an unfair deal where you're on the loosing side.
Accept to do something you're not supposed to do.
Sell something under its real value.

The only rule is to get scammed

P.S) Bonus point if you get a third person to realize you were screwed

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Task of the month n°18

Hey Princess!

For this month your task is going very simple.

You're going to spread sissy content as much as possible. Make the promotion of sissy media. I want you to spread awareness about the sissy community.  It's your duty to spread the Sissyhood and grow our community.

Think about it like a propaganda.

Post links with parsimony and adapt your post to your audience.
Share post from this blog or other famous sissy sites.

Be a good sissy and go find your sisters.

P.S) This task is inspired by this sub is you want to learn more...