Friday, July 14, 2017

Quiz n°5

Hello sissy!

Ready for a new quiz?


We know how much you love to play this little games. 
How it can change your perception.
How it can change you.

We don't want you to stop in such a good way.

We are here to make you a better sissy, to make you more and more addicted.

This quiz is the same as the quiz n°3.
Consider it as the black edition.
In the following pictures, you're going to identify the male pornstar by his cock.

There are only two answers. 


Rob Piper


Michael William

Look a them closely and focus on every details.
Go back to the previous pictures.

Take your time...


Let's start!


Michael Williams

Rob Piper


Rob Piper


Michael Williams


Michael Williams


Rob Piper


Michael Williams

Rob Piper


Michael Williams

Michael Williams

So tell me sissy did you pass the test?

If not, Repeat the test until you get 100%

See you soon sissy!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Task of the month n°21

Hello sweety

 I want you to write me a short essay about you. 
(Click here)

It must content :

Your favorite fantasy 
Your favorite role model and why.
A link to a sissy material you love.

You can also send me suggestion about this blog if you want 

What you like/don't like about this blog.
Post or task you would like to see in this blog.

Be a good slut and do your homework

See you soon!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bimbo and sissy

Hello girls!

In this post, we're going to speak about the way you perceive bimbos.

We know how much you love attractive young women. No matter if most men consider them as empty-headed.

After all, you're here because you're not really a man. So you better learn to react in a different way.

Let's see what kind of ideas comes when we speak about bimbos.

make up
big breast
obsessed  with boys
tight closes

This list could be much longer. But you get the idea darling:

A bimbo is many little things, negative and positive.

What we need to do is to make sure you shut off logical reasoning when you think about bimbo.

For this you need to concentrate at first on the positive points about being a bimbo.

There is a part of you that admire the bimbo way of life. A part of you jealous of those women.
 A tiny whisper in your mind.
A tiny voice in your brain.

Let this voice become louder.
We want you to focus on what you admire and love about bimbo.
Her confidence.
Her sexy body.
Her cuteness
The way she gets attention.

Think about all the works she did to get a body like this.

It's normal to be jealous of her body.
But it's not enough, you should also admire her outfit, nails, hair and makeup.

So many details most men don't notice.
But you do.
Bimbo stimulate those parts of your brain now.
And you love it!

I'm sure many of you are already used to do this kind of thinking.
Admire bimbo is a basic for a sissy.

You must always think about the positive thing about bimbo.

What you need is to keep doing it as much as possible.
With time, it's going to be almost instinctive.

But you can do more...

Another thing to do is to block every conscious negative thought about bimbo.

 Slutty for example, it's not a bad thing at all!

She is just externalizing her love for men. You must see it as an independent, strong and modern person.

 You must actively change your way of thinking.
Trick your brain and force it to admire every "flaw" of a bimbo.
To be a better sissy you need to change your perceptions

There is nothing really wrong here.
Just love of a male body and her breasts are a proof of her determination.

She is stronger than you.

When it comes to bimbo everything is fine and normal.

I'm sure you know it just feels right.
 Deep down you feel its ok.
The more you get exposed to sexual content the more normal it becomes!

You're changing your moral beliefs about what is "slutty"

Yes she is hot. Yes she is sexualized. Yes she is slutty.
But you love it.
More... You support it.

Your mind is filled with porn all the time, so this is the new normal for you.

Feels good, right?

Keep touching yourself sissy. Keep pleasuring yourself as you watch all this.

You must impregnate your mind with bimbos and sluts and accept this as the new norm.

Your new "normal"

Be a good sissy and let arousal lower your ability to think normally.

Stay aroused, look at porn more often.
We want you to lose control.
We want you to change your patterns of thinking.

Train your brain to this new concept.


Look at her eyes and see all her emotions
joy, lust, adoration, excitement, happiness gratitude.

You must realize how connected you are to her.

Good girl.

Let your mind wander.

Let yourself absorbed by her.

All your ideas must be positive and rewarding.

 Smile too sissy.
Realize how close you are to her.

From now on, bimbo in not an insult.
Think about it like an honor.
Something you want. 

 Keep looking at it for few second.
Let your inner slut go out.

We already said that you're not a man.
Now you need to realize something else:

You're more a bimbo than any real girls.
You're way more slutty than a normal girl.
Way more addicted to sex.

 And it's ok for you because you're a slut.

Accept it sissy.

You're addicted to porn.
You love big cock
You know so many porn categories,websites and fetishes.

Porn is an important part of your life.

 Porn is altering your judgment, making you more indulgent to this bimbo way of life.

 And you keep doing it!

Keep watching.


Let this imagery go deep in your mind.

Keep stroking.

Keep learning

You see it's natural for you.

You're closer to a bimbo that you realize.
All those girls are just showing you the way.
The path to be a better sissy.

For real men a bimbo is a fucktoy.
For a sissy like you, she's a guide.

She is showing you the truth about yourself.

Look at all the details on this picture...
Do you think a real man care? 


But you do sissy.

Do this regularly and you will notice progress in no time!

One last thing...

Did you think of a cock cumming at you?

Well, now you did!

See you soon!