Sunday, February 9, 2020

Task of the month n°41

Hello Girls!

For this month I will organize a contest

I want you to do Babecock pictures

It's a really easy and useful task for you.
Take your time to choose 

a woman you admire 

a cock you love

and let's play !

Feel free to add caption
or effects
Be a creative sissy!

If you don't know how to create a babecock picture
use this link.
(Don't forget to remove the watermark)

Upload your picture using Imgur.

Click here to send me your work

See you soon!

I will be the only judge
You can only submit 3 pictures
No private pictures
No watermark
Only imgur hosting will be accepted
The contest will end the 1st march 2020

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Task of the month n°40

Hello girls!

First of all,

My best wishes to every one of you
I hope 2020 will be a Happy new GIRLY year 

For this month you're going to play with your precum
Tasting your precum is really easy, since you're still in the mood

But we're going a bit further this time
You're going to goon and touch yourself until you ooze a lot of precum

Then use it as a gloss, all over your lips
Cover your face with precum

The smell cum of all over your face

Keep gooning

The goals is to associate this new sensation to the pleasure of gooning
To rewire your brain to this position

Feel free to watch cumshoot compilation while doing this. I want you to realize how horny you are
and how much of a slut you can be

See you soon my cum slut!

P.S) After doing this, you get bonus points if you eventually eat your cum

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Excellent Sissy Work n°17

Hello ladies!

Ready for another video?

This gem  is made by MasterMindFuck

The editing matches perfectly the beat to really
fuck with your brain 

Enjoy the show

See you soon